Find some of my past work below. To view my other credits, please take a look at my CV.

Paul Is Dead

Director of Photography & Colourist / dir. George Moore / 2018

The Lake District, 1967. Hungover and at each others throats, John, George and Ringo must convince Billy Shears, a sheepish rural lookalike, to join their band after Paul dies during an experimental- drug filled musical retreat.

For my work on this short, I received a Royal Television Society Student Craft Skills award for Camerawork. The film was also nominated in the Comedy/Entertainment category.

13m 40s

Dead Friends

Colourist / dir. Ben Bovington-Key / 2019

Music video for Natural Mystery Museum’s track ‘Dead Friends’. I worked as the Colourist and also provided the graphics.

3m 16s

Drugdealer - ‘Lonely’

Director of Photography / dir. George Moore / 2019

Music video for Drugdealer’s ‘Lonely’.

3m 24s

Sister Jospehine

Colourist / dir. Ben Bovington-Key / 2019

A music video for Jake Thackray’s song ‘Sister Josephine’.

Director of Photography: Joel Spence

3m 17s


Colourist / dir. Georgios Hartofilakidis / 2018

A short comedy-drama film.

Denise wants to start a family, but when her boyfriend begins transforming into an ostrich, she might need to accept that he's burying his head in the sand.

11m 12s

St Mungo’s Charity Appeal

Colourist / Gold Creative / 2018

A short promo for St Mungo’s, a charity that supports homeless people in the UK.

Client: Gold Creative.

1m 45s

Black Hours - Secret Garden

Colourist / dir. Dave Malkin / 2018

Music video.

5m 18s

Elizabeth Castle

Editor / dir. Chantelle Mundy - Maple Rock Studios / 2018

Promotional corporate video for a local tourist attraction in Jersey.

Client: Maple Rock Studios // Jersey Heritage.

2m 10s

The Hunter

Director of Photography & Colourist / dir. George Moore / 2017

A silent folk horror, psycho-drama short film about manhood and rites of passage.

6m 23s

Boy Eats Girl

Colourist / dir. Ben Bovington-Key & Georgios Hartofilakidis / 2018

A civil cannibalistic agreement turns into an unexpected romance in this short dark comedy.

15m 47s